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The Coaching Process

My Health Coach approach takes you in as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms or problems.  I get to know you and your unique life story.  Once we know where you are in life, we are able to better define where you want to go.  This will reveal the journey we will embark on together.  You don't have to navigate it alone, I'm here to be your guide.

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Foundational Session

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In this session, we explore your life story in a way that gives you clarity on where you are in your journey.   This foundation helps me understand your values, health history, lifestyle habits, & priorities.   Whether you come in with a specific goal or can't yet define what you're seeking - this first step prepares you for a successful coaching relationship.


Vision & Strengths

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We work on defining your vision of health & wellness using tools like "The Wheel of Life" & "The Values Matrix" to create clarity on what is important to you.  As this becomes clear, we reveal your intrinsic motivation to create change by nurturing your VIA Character Strengths and building Positive Emotional Attractors.

The Leap
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Modifiable Lifestyle Factors

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Diving deep into five key lifestyle factors - movement, nutrition, relaxation, stress and relationships - we identify your areas of focus to create specific goals that have the greatest positive impact towards achieving your vision.


Functional Medicine & Genomics

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When appropriate, we partner with your doctor(s) and healthcare professionals to better understand your biological systems and genetic predispositions.   This gives you powerful insight into how you might best digest foods, detoxify toxins, communicate between systems , regulate energy and much more. 

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Manifest Your Vision

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We continue working together until you feel that you've achieved your goals or are ready to embark out on your own.  You'll continue your journey with more resilience, confidence, and balance using the new habits & tools you learned - living the life you envisioned.

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