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Glasses and Notebook

Tools & Assessments

As a coaching resource, these are some of the tools and assessments I use with clients to help them in their journey.  You're encouraged to explore these as you build your vision of health and wellness.   A coach can help you navigate the path towards your goals with clear, actionable steps and supportive accountability.

VIA Character Strengths

A powerful tool grounded in positive psychology research that gives you insights into your best strengths to enable you to feel authentic and engaged with your true self.

Perceived Stress Scale

As one of the fundamental methods of assessing your stress, the PSS provides you insight into your current levels of stress and lay the groundwork for discussing ways to reduce it.

Medical Symptom Questionnaire

The MSQ allows you to systemically evaluate your total mind-body health across a comprehensive set of symptoms which enables a clearer picture of where to put focus & energy.

Food Journal

Understanding your eating habits goes far beyond just the food you consume.  This tool gives you insight into the effects of how much you eat, when you eat, what colors you eat, and more.

Wheel of Life

This reflective tool enables you to identify and clarify important areas of your life that can impact your overall levels of satisfaction.   It allows you to begin exploring areas to prioritize.

Promise-10 Global

The Patient Recorded Outcome Measurement Information Systems® is a durable evaluation of your physical, mental and social health that you can use to evaluate progress over time.

Self Care Questionnaire

Research shows that those who take time for self-care  are more creative, happier and successful.   This questionnaire allows you to reflect on ways you are taking care of yourself and ideas for doing more.

Sleep Routine Journal

Sleep quality has a far-reaching effect on your physical, mental and emotional health.  We work to identify and address the habits that can hurt your sleep quality to help you feel rested and energized. 

"It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way."
-Wallace D. Wattles

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