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Support your
right to heal

Learn to transform chronic stress and dis-ease into balance, resilience, and energy

Your body, mind, and spirit are meant to be able to heal.

Yet the pressures of today can block your ability to do that.

It's not your fault that..

  • The workplace has become a toxic environment of overwork & burnout.

  • Access to unhealthy food is easy, cheap, and convenient.

  • You only get a few minutes to talk to your doctor and are given pills, not skills.

  • Technology disrupts every stage of your life and is now in every pocket.

  • You are exposed to more environmental toxins than ever before.

...all of which can lead to
chronic stress & long-term illness.

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But, you have the power to protect your health by

expanding your life force

You are a complex set of systems

that are supported by a vital energy source


it's the mitochondria, the energy-making powerhouse of the cells in your entire body


it's the breath and flow of energy that animates our lives, known as qi, prana, or mana

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It's how you show up in the world. How you feel, act, & live.

When it's unhealthy, you feel chronic stress, disease and illness.

When it's healthy, you feel more...

And, it influences every major element of your health

This is your life force.


You are more aligned with your beliefs, values, & who you truly are


You are able to adapt to adversity and positively bounce back from stress


You are able to accomplish what you set out to do with zest & clarity

We work together to expand your life force through

Functional Medicine & Functional Breathing

Explore the root cause of your issue and confidently make healthy changes across domains of life

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Domains include:

Nutrition, Movement, Rest, Stress,

Relationships, Environment, Genetics

Learn how to breathe in a way that supports optimal health across your physiology

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Support looks like:

Reduced stress and anxiety, better physical performance, improved sleep, enhanced focus

And we use a consistent & repeatable strategy

Rock Balancing

Build awareness of your current state

To figure out where you want to go, you first must know where you are.  You and I will explore:

  • Your vision of healthvalues & character strengths

  • Your five key spheres of health

  • The potential root causes of your chronic stress & disease

Research shows a health coach can improve your quality of life & health outcomes.

You don't have to go on this journey alone.

As an expert in functional medicine, functional breathing, & behavior change, I will be your accountability partner and lighthouse. 


Full support, zero judgment, built on mutual trust.

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Ian Lopez

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NBCHWC Logo.png


National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor

HeartMath® Certified Practitioner

Tai Chi & Qigong Teacher

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Current Programs & Services

Happy Man

Personal Health Coaching

Get one-to-one accountability, support, & guidance with full access to powerful tools & methods.  My mission will be your mission.

Cave Explorer

Elemental Resilience 6-Week Training

Coming Soon

Life is filled with highs & lows.  This program will teach you how to bounce back stronger from adversity by training you to build resilience.

Blood Pressure Check

Hypertension Prevention Program

A silent killer, high blood pressure affects 48% of U.S. adults. This program helps you build habits to prevent & reverse this disease. 

Meeting at the office

Healthcare Collaborations

If you’re a medical professional, let’s work together to help your patients implement the lifestyle changes you recommend to them.

Business People Applauding

Professional Seminars

Let's inspire positive behavior change with a health-centered seminar on transforming stress for your team or organization.

Yoga Retreat

Tai Chi, Qigong, Wellness Retreats

Trained in various healing modalities including breathwork, tai chi, and qigong, I can teach others these valuable skills of relaxation.



One-on-One Coaching

What I enjoyed most about working together was your ability to listen to my concerns and needs. You were also incredibly supportive and provided ongoing encouragement and motivation as I made lifestyle changes and worked to improve my health.
I also appreciated your knowledge and expertise in functional medicine. You were able to explain complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand and provided me with valuable insights and guidance throughout the process. I feel grateful to have had your support and guidance on my journey to better health. It was an incredible experience.

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