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Lifestyle Factors

The foundation of a balanced life can be built across five key areas - nutrition, stress, movement, relationships & relaxation.   With guidance, a person can  begin to confidently create the ideal life through purposeful actions.

Areas I Specialize In



As of 2021, 79%* of employees experience work-related stress.

Burnout* is workplace stress that has not been successfully managed, leading to energy depletion, exhaustion, feelings of negativism and reduced professional efficacy (W.H.O).   

We can methodically work on ways to shift you into a balanced state designed to reduce burnout.



Stress is a natural part of life and is good for us...

until it isn't.

Too much stress can lead to an increased risk of illness and 75-90% of doctor visits are related to stress.  We can build stress resilience with techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness, physical movement & joy-seeking.  You can be better equipped to handle life's challenges with confidence.



Personalized, client-centered care is the future of long-term health.

This emerging field of medicine looks for the root causes of diseases - cardiovascular, diabetes, COPD - and treats a patient as a complete person, not just a set of symptoms.  Working with your practitioner, we can co-create specific lifestyle plans to promote optimal wellness.



The Human Genome Project helped us understand how our genetics influence our lives.

  The Human Genome Project & research has revealed that we can influence how likely our genes will express themselves (i.e. epigenetics).  With testing, you can be empowered with knowledge about how your environment & behaviors can influence your DNA expression.

Breathwork &


Our breath is the single most powerful tool we have. Do you use it?

Learning proper breathing techniques to regulate our biological systems can have a profound effect on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  Meditation, with breathwork, is capable of providing you tools to relax in the face of stress.  The key is to learn what methods work best for your needs.

Focus- Burnout, Stress, FM
Focus - Genetics, Identity

Why Do I Focus On These Areas?

Research shows that these areas are critically important for people in today's world.  Through my love of learning (my #1 character strength), I have undertaken extensive training across numerous modalities, techniques and systems to improve my abilities to help others, to build empathy, to nurture compassion across these areas.   Truthfully, I have also had decades of personal and professional experiences in each of these areas.  Most importantly, I recognize that each of us takes in the world differently and my purpose is to find the most powerful path for you to realize the healthy, fulfilling life you deserve.

My Commitment To You

A Safe Space

Everything you share stays confidential between us.  Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me.  Mutual trust allows the space to exist to embark on this journey.

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